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Your Business Appraiser Does Not Need to be Local

Posted by Business Valuation Specialists LLC on Mar 11, 2024 7:30:00 AM

Small Busines Owner Happy with Business Appraisal

There is a misconception in the valuation industry, which some of our clients express their concern over, that their appraiser needs to be located in close proximity to where their company is situated. It is understandable that a small business owner, who themselves may have several local relationships with their own clientele, would raise this issue; however, the fact is that experienced, certified professional appraisers can effectively value any company, regardless of where it is located, and what local markets it may be operating in.

During the valuation process, a qualified appraiser will work with their clients in a “hands-on” fashion to gather all the specific company information needed to complete an accurate and supportable analysis, and ultimately deliver a full narrative report. Each client has the opportunity to discuss the details of their company that go beyond the black-and-white picture created by their tax returns, income statements, and balance sheets, allowing for reasonable adjustments to be made that paint a more colorful, complete, and truer picture of their business.

The appraiser has access to market and industry data across every region in the country and will take into account the nuances of how the company works within these areas, in relation to their competitors and client base. They will look to understand the specific strengths and weaknesses the business has, as well as their ability to leverage the former and improve on the latter. Future growth plans will be considered regardless of whether they are aggressive, modest, or even negative.

Based on the sum total of the data provided, an educated, trained, professional appraiser considers the same set of consistent approaches and methodologies for every valuation and determines how best to apply and weigh each one specifically to the business. The underlying assets of the company will be taken into account, as well as the specific purpose and effective date of the appraisal.

As you can see, the appraisal process is a collaborative effort that relies upon both the independent valuation professional and the business owner/representative to work together and develop a complete snapshot of the company. By the time the project is over and the report is delivered, it will become clear how well the appraiser understands the business, even though they weren’t local to the area.

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