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How a business valuation helps secure an SBA or USDA loan guarantee

Posted by Business Valuation Specialists LLC on Mar 1, 2021 8:21:25 AM

Business Loan Approval Certified Appraisal


If there's anything certain in business, it's that dealing with the government is probably going to take longer and be more complicated than you'd like. There are, however, several agencies that help small businesses, including the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). These agencies offer popular loan programs with great rates and flexibility while working with your local banks to get you the financing you need to grow your business. Local banks oftentimes receive guarantees from the SBA and USDA that loans will be paid back to the lender if the business fails. For most of the loan programs, these federal agencies require a business valuation be performed as part of the approval process.

How can a business valuation help secure an SBA loan?

  • A business valuation performed by a certified business appraiser ensures that the valuation has been performed independently with no bias while using accepted methodologies. This means that you will receive an accurate picture of your company's value and the SBA understands the loan they are guaranteeing is being measured against your company’s current worth.
  • Business owners sometimes make the mistake of basing their company's value on tax accounting records. Though these documents are accurate and useful, they don't specifically reflect the appraised value of the business. A review and analysis of your tax returns and financial statements over a 3-5 year period will be better suited to properly value your business.
  • Having an appraisal performed also helps you understand what condition your company is in. There won't be any surprises when you go to pay back the loan and realize there's an issue with your cash flow, industry position, expected income or similar concerns. You'll know where your company is strong and where it needs improvement. A business appraisal gives you a solid look at how your company is performing and where you need to invest more time and effort.
  • SBA guidelines allow lenders to perform their own company valuation if a loan is for less than $250,000 but requires an independent certified appraisal if the loan is higher. You may want to complete a business valuation regardless if you believe the bank doesn't have a solid grasp of your business or industry and is limiting the loan terms, or you just decide it prudent for other business considerations.

By having a business appraisal performed on your company, you're doing more than just ticking off a box on a checklist, you're finding out valuable information about the health of your company's financial situation. Business Valuation Specialists is ready to help you.

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