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Include a Tangible Asset Appraisal with a Business Valuation. Why?

Posted by Business Valuation Specialists LLC on Oct 12, 2020 8:00:00 AM



When you’re considering obtaining a business valuation to purchase, sell, refinance or buyout an investor in your company, or for any other reason, it makes sense to obtain a tangible asset appraisal to accurately assess the market value for your owned equipment and real property.

Quite often, business owners will have capitalized a significant amount of tangible asset cost as part of their operations for depreciation and tax purposes, however, years later, when it comes to updating the overall company value, they assume the internal net book dollar amount on these assets is a fair representation of actual market value, which in many cases is not accurate and could potentially result in money left on the table.

If a current tangible asset appraisal is not available in a business valuation, the certified appraisers will need to use the net book value of these tangible assets as reflected on the company’s financial statements, as this is the only available source of data. These net book values may be substantially different than the actual market value of the equipment and real property, which would create inequities in the appraised value of the overall business. Having a true understanding of all these important components of your company will allow you to make sound decisions going forward.

When completing a business valuation for any company, it is important to properly allocate the value to both the tangible and intangible assets of the company based on current market conditions, which will then gain you a full perspective on how to approach sale, purchase or refinancing opportunities.

The appraisers at Business Valuation Specialists (BVS) can discuss this issue with you during the valuation process. We have tangible asset appraisers on hand through our sister company Equipment Appraisal Services (EAS) as well as strong relationships with real property appraisers. Obtaining a business valuation appraisal together with updated equipment and real property appraisals will provide you with a full and complete picture of your business’ actual total worth allowing you to make highly informed business decisions with confidence and provide a competitive advantage.

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