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Maximizing Production: Valuing a Manufacturing Company

Posted by Business Valuation Specialists LLC on May 18, 2016 12:00:00 PM


When you work in manufacturing, you often work with numbers on a daily basis. Specifications, supply costs, overhead: these numbers are very important to the daily operation of your company. But what about valuing a manufacturing company? There are many benefits to having business appraisals performed on your business for a wide range of reasons. One area where manufacturing companies see real results from business valuations is in reducing overhead and production costs through a solid look at where your company is strong and where it is weak. Here are some ways  business appraisal helps:

Maximizing Production: Valuing a Manufacturing Company

Improving Production and Operations

One of the first areas where you'll find room for improvement in your business is through a solid study of business operations. An experienced business appraiser can provide insights into where your company meets the average, where it excels and where it is lacking. Because a business appraiser looks at specific parts of your business, they can quickly determine, for example, if your company is losing money in excess manufacturing waste, inefficient machinery that uses too much electricity or material and whether you're paying too much in property taxes due to a poor assessment by your local tax assessors office.

Improvement in Management and Accounting

Another area where there's room for improvement is in management. If your company is relying on tax accounting records to estimate value, assets and equity, you may be selling yourself short. Tax accounting often depreciates value for a piece of equipment over a specific period of time. If your equipment is failing before that point, you're not getting the full depreciation out of it and you may be overestimating your assets, because the machine is not worth its depreciated value. On the other side of the coin, machinery that is lasting significantly longer than the depreciation period may still have value when the books report a zero value. That means you aren't able to take advantages that come your way, because you don't think your assets are high enough to cover the potential risk. In either case, a business appraisal allows you to determine when to replace vital equipment, providing better budgeting intelligence.

Projecting Income and Market Growth

But what about income? When you're getting ready to expand your manufacturing operation, being able to project your expected income is important both in assessing the risk and in obtaining financing. A certified business appraiser can quickly determine your projected business income based on past income. Though this is easier to calculate when a business has regular income, it can also be estimated for irregular income. A business appraiser also has the knowledge to look at current market conditions and account for those potential disruptions in their calculations. This means when your industry is expected to do well for a period of time, the appraiser takes that into account.

As you can see, valuing a manufacturing company can provide great benefits and insights into how your business works and where it needs improvement. It also provides proof of value for any number of other purposes, from financing to insurance to sale value. If you need to get the valuation of a company, please feel free to contact us today to be paired with an experienced certified company valuation specialist. At Business Valuation Specialists, our job is making sure your business appraisal is completely accurate to your unique situation.

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