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How much is a manufacturing company worth?

Posted by Business Valuation Specialists LLC on Jan 4, 2017 12:22:00 PM

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How much is a manufacturing company worth? It's a tough question, one that has plagued the minds of business owners for centuries. So many factors work into the final calculations that it can be virtually impossible to determine the final valuation of a company. Issues such as the reason for the business appraisals, the amount of time available to sell the company, the company's reputation and goodwill in the community and many other aspects can cause a significant difference between business valuations. Here's a quick look at what's involved and how the final figure is calculated.

How do you determine how much is a manufacturing company worth?

  • Why do you need the value determined? Business valuation specialists who have gone through the certification process know which methodologies to apply to your particular situation. If you're getting ready to sell, the appraiser will look at the market conditions and what similar businesses have sold for.
  • How quickly do you need to turn over the business' value? If you need to quickly sell your business or raise funds to buy out a partner who is leaving or to settle an estate, you'll need to accept a lower price than you may be able to receive for the business if you had time to prepare it for sale to the perfect buyer at a much higher price.
  • What is your business' position in the community? If you have a reputation for excellence, over-the-top customer service or for cutting-edge innovation, your business will have a higher value than one that doesn't meet those standards. It can include your position within your industry or specialty.
  • What are the current market conditions in your business' industry? If your market is growing like crazy, there will be a lot more investors interested in purchasing your business, boosting its value significantly over what you might receive when it's in a regular cycle of operation or in a slump.
  • Do you specialize in any particular areas that increases your products' perceived value? If you're the only manufacturer of a particular product or use specialized techniques, your products will often have a higher profitability or market share than they would if you're creating the same products as all your competitors.
  • How strong is your brand? Brand recognition helps you demand a premium for your products. This is the most basic premise behind why generic sodas cost so much less than household names such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi. When you've worked hard to build up your brand, you can expect a higher return for your products.

When you need to know how much is a manufacturing company worth, having a grasp of how the process works can make a huge difference in understanding the final calculated value. Due to the complex factors involved in calculating the business' final value, it's often better to leave this process to a well-qualified, experienced business appraisal specialist.

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