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4 Business Valuation Resources to Help You Understand the Process

Posted by Business Valuation Specialists LLC on Oct 19, 2016 11:30:00 AM


When you're entering the world of business valuations, there is so much to learn! Whether you're stuck with terminology, need a better grasp of the different methodologies used and why they apply to each situation or just want a better idea of how the valuation of a company is undertaken, these fabulous business valuation resources will help you quickly understand the complexities of business appraisals so you can use these tools to the best advantage of your company:

4 Business Valuation Resources to Help You Understand the Process

  1. Business Valuation Resources ( provides a little of something for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned business veteran who is looking for the latest industry intelligence to determine how it will affect your business' appraised value or are just starting to learn how business valuations can help get your business off the ground and make it more successful, this website has a wide range of topics dealing with business valuation.
  2. Valuation Resources ( is an excellent site to investigate if you want to find out more about how the valuation of a company in your specific industry is typically undertaken or how it has been affected by recent changes in the market or methodology used to calculate business appraisals. It also has some great resources for exploring different methodologies used in business valuation, including transaction date on similar businesses and the often misunderstood concept of multiples.
  3. AICPA's Business Valuation ( gives you a good glimpse at the kind of information certified business valuation specialists work through on a daily basis. As one of several accreditation organizations, the AICPA provides information on their site that both veteran and newer business appraisers work with on a daily basis, giving you some insight into how the process works and why particular approaches are taken to your business valuation appraisal.
  4. Business Valuation Law ( covers the legal side of business valuation. For certain situations, there's actually law in existence about what type of approach must be used, such as in a divorce or hostile partner buyout. This site covers some of the latest changes in business valuation law and how new laws may intersect with business valuation in expected or unexpected ways.

Now that you've had an opportunity to gain a better grasp of company valuation through these business valuation resources, it's time to start applying this knowledge to your company's benefit.

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